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Emma Watson photographed by Mark Seliger for Vogue Italia

Jensen Ackles celebrates the 200th episode of ‘Supernatural’ at Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel on October 18, 2014 in Vancouver, Canada

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Queen Elsa in Once Upon a Time 4x03 “Rocky Road”


Shailene on the Jimmy Fallon Show (15/10/2014)

Tris: His fingers brush my neck. My body tenses. A tender gesture? No—he has to move my hair to the side.

Tobias: My fingertips prickle, remembering how I touched her shoulder when she walked into the simulation room, how I brushed her hair away from her neck to inject her. Stupid. Careless.

i’m not usually a first row kind of guy, but i promised myself i wouldn’t hide in the back of a class.